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In just 6 years, the number of artists participating in the Woman’s Exchange Art Gallery has grown from a handful to over 70. Our artists come from Memphis, Shelby County, Mississippi and Arkansas. Some artists are well-known in the region while others may be just beginning to exhibit their work publicly.

featuredThe Woman’s Exchange is well-known in Memphis as a destination for distinctive custom gifts and handmade children’s clothing. Over the past several years, our relationship with local artisans has only grown stronger as we have begun showcasing featured artwork from artists living throughout the mid-south. In just six years, we have created a space for women to showcase their work in the Woman’s Exchange Art Gallery, which is open to the public, offering original art with affordable price tags. This page will take a closer look at our efforts to support the arts within our community and bring original pieces to local consumers.

Supporting Art in the Community

The Art Gallery features works from established regional artists and newcomers alike, as it can be challenging to find an appropriate venue to exhibit works as an up and coming artist. With the supportive atmosphere of the Woman’s Exchange and a community of consumers who embrace local craftsmanship, artists can find their creative home within our gallery.

Showcasing Works from Female Artists

The Woman’s Exchange Art Galley welcomes visitors to view works in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, pottery, sculpture, and photography. Both contemporary and traditional styles are featured in the gallery, which is dedicated to showing the works of women from burgeoning artists to well-known artists hailing from Memphis, Shelby County, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Offering Unique Gifts and Home Décor

There is a distinctive appeal that comes with original artwork displayed in the home, but the financial investment of purchasing an original piece is often restrictive for the average consumer. The Woman’s Exchange is proud to showcase more affordable pieces that still provide a distinguished appeal for the perfect gift or conversation piece to include in your home décor. Along with local artwork, you will find a seemingly endless selection of wooden toys, handmade jewelry, and baby gifts in our charming Memphis shop.

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